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Food for Thought: Television is a drug.

We may not say it but all know it….Television is a drug. This video finds its inspiration from the popular poem by Todd Alcott called “Television”. It certainly made me think about the power that television and media can have over us if we let it. I for one can testify to the persuasive allure of television, the easy escape. This week d3novo challenges you to restrain yourself and try limit the TV intake. In exchange, see what other activities can fill your free time and let us know!


The Essence of Aikido

Martial & Art participated in the creation of the project “The Essence of Aïkido”, 8 minutes devoted to the aïkido and its differentforms of practice, nude hands, arm, practices kneeling…   This one essentially is based on the visual aspect and the artistic harmonious side that can show the inherent movements to this Martial Art created by master Morihei Ueshiba.


Audi A1 Commercial

For as along as I can remember,  car advertisements consisted of the following four elements:

1. A car

2. The stereotypical long straight mountain road

3. Flattering Camera shots

4.  Morgan Freeman type voice saying phrases like “dynamic design meets pure driving pleasure” or “has a 6.3L V8 Engine…”

I simply love this ad for its visual appeal…but beyond that, it’s a little different…and at D3novo different is good! The agency BBH London is behind the new commercial for the Audi A1 and it’s tres and creative in my opinion. Sam Brown the director of this video has accentuated over sized details of the car and placed them against humans. By focusing on the individual components of the car, viewers subconsciously begin to envision the Audi A1 as a large and powerful machine. This further reinforces the campaign concept that though it may be a small car, it’s a Big Audi. There is so much one could say about this ad but I’ll leave it at this…


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Balloons | MTV Brazil 21st Anniversary

Amazing flipbook-style balloon popping ad for MTV Brazil’s 21st anniversary!

Well this is novel. Fresh. New. Different. And yet, a riff on an old favourite: the flip book. Dilcidio Caldeira from ParanoidBR created this MTV Brazil’s 21st anniversary. It’s really quite ingenious.

The one minute commercial tells a story using images drawn on hundreds of balloons which are then popped by a device with a camera mounted on a dolly which travels at a speed fast enough to pop and film 10 balloons each second. According to the director, it took 24 hours to get the multiple shots needed to piece together the story (from Steve Hall Adrant).

If you look closely, you can see the dolly took several different trips down the track to get the entire story told. Its cool, innovative and way out of the box… We like! So this ad gets the official:

[*D3novo Seal of Approval]

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Social Impact of the Internet

The past few months have seen social networking sites; Twitter, Facebook and YouTube been praised for the instrumental role in which they played in the Egyptian revolution. The sites were used as platforms to broadcast the voice of the people, with the hope that the international community would listen.

And listen, they sure did!

With mounting pressure from the international community, Hosni was eventually forced to leave his presidential role, in order to allow a more democratic path to be paved for the new generation of Egyptian politics. So the question is, why can’t the same theory be put into practice in other political/socially troubled areas?

My view is that: Evgeny Morozov makes a plausible argument, especially if you take into consideration the examples he mentions. However, i think in the near future the sites will begin to play an even larger role in conflicts and revolutions. As people become more educated in how to  effectively use the sites, we will start to see an end to more dictatorships. Admittedly there’s still a long way to go till we get there, but if Egypt is anything to go by then surely its only a matter of time before we see other dictators follow suit.

What do you guys think? Watch it and let us know.

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