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Ryan Leslie | “5 Minute Freshen Up” In-Studio

Ryan Leslie Harvard graduate at the mere age of 19 I think genius could be an appropriate title. His new album ‘Les is More‘ is being released as we speak, he is making one song available each month a daring marketing tactic drawing on word of mouth and social media.

“Im so tired of artists self proclaiming themselves as Genius!!! They really need to watch this clip to see what separates a genius from someone who just has talent and drive. There are only a SELECT few geniuses in the music industry right now. Ryan Leslie is 1 of them. One of the most underrated musicians out there.” (A Youtube Fan)

Not convinced yet……..check this out!!!

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Reebok: “Prequel To A Classic”

“PREQUEL TO A CLASSIC” provides an exclusive look into Swizz Beatz’s understanding of craft (passion, rythm, classic song) as well as his thoughts on longevity in the entertainment business.

Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson,

“PREQUEL TO A CLASSIC” takes you into the story of the re-launch of the Classics brand. [Vimeo]


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