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Splitscreen | A Love Story

So Nokia came up with an interesting competition. The challenge was to create a video pitch of an idea for a short film/video that is no longer than two minutes. Participants were instructed to be “as creative as you like!”

The video entitled “Splitscreen – A Love Story” was crowned in the competition Nokia Shorts 2011. It tells the story of two star crossed lovers coming together. Congratulations are in order to director J.W.Griffiths.

Watching this just goes to show that technology is only a tool, this video was shot with a Nokia N8 smartphone! In the creation of art, technology is only one part of the equation, a vision and creative direction are equally if not more important.

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Louis Vuitton Small Leather Goods by Billie Achilleos

For the launch of the My Monogram service on Small Leather Goods, Louis Vuitton asked British Artist Billie Achilleos to work on 4 animals made of Louis Vuitton Small Leather Goods. Enter the creative process and go behind the scenes of the project. (From Overhours)

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