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Watch The Throne

Below is a glimpse into the lives of the two artists during a recording  session in Sydney, Australia.


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African Fashion Week London

Over the course of two days [Friday and Saturday] London opened her doors to the first ever African Fashion event to be held on British shores. Over 50 different designers showcased their work, with great emphasis taken to try and spread the word of African culture and versatility. Below are some of the pictures taken at the event.

Africa is not all about poverty” – Sola Oyebade (Creative Director of Africa Fashion Week London)

* Pictures courtesy of BBC 

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Quotes | Challenge Yourself

I found these amazing graphic posters while cursing the cyber waves and just had to share them. Designed by the Argentinian creative studio Pogo. The quotes are timeless and hold true with even today…

So in the spirit of sharing words of wisdom, here’s a little something that I’ve come to live by:

“I have come to realize a man is not defined by his words but shaped by his actions”


A Vodka Face Lift

From a young age I’ve always been told not to judge a book by its covers, but as far as these covers go, i’d have to be held guilt for not adhering to that saying. A recent project launched by Absolut Vodka saw 18 different artist coming together, to individually produce what can only be seen as cutting edge creative pieces of art. The project entitled Absolut Blank has seen the usually bare and lifeless exterior of the Absolut Vodka bottle – transformed into a canvas of colourful intricate, imaginative & vibrant objet d’art. Below are some of my favorites.


Since the launch, other artists have joined the Absolut Blank campaign, including Shanghai based artist Lu Xinjian and this is what he came up with.

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