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“…That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall most like to effect their safety and happiness.”

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”

In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme.

“There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.”

“… government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”






Social Impact of the Internet

The past few months have seen social networking sites; Twitter, Facebook and YouTube been praised for the instrumental role in which they played in the Egyptian revolution. The sites were used as platforms to broadcast the voice of the people, with the hope that the international community would listen.

And listen, they sure did!

With mounting pressure from the international community, Hosni was eventually forced to leave his presidential role, in order to allow a more democratic path to be paved for the new generation of Egyptian politics. So the question is, why can’t the same theory be put into practice in other political/socially troubled areas?

My view is that: Evgeny Morozov makes a plausible argument, especially if you take into consideration the examples he mentions. However, i think in the near future the sites will begin to play an even larger role in conflicts and revolutions. As people become more educated in how to  effectively use the sites, we will start to see an end to more dictatorships. Admittedly there’s still a long way to go till we get there, but if Egypt is anything to go by then surely its only a matter of time before we see other dictators follow suit.

What do you guys think? Watch it and let us know.

Random Thoughts – From Egypt to Palin

First and foremost I would like to congratulate the Egyptian people on successfully bringing an end the 30 year dictatorial rule of Hosni Mubarak. What was achieved in those 18 days will lay the foundation on which the future of Egypt will be built upon. The success of the Egyptian revolution has not only had a profound impact in Egypt, but has managed to tacitly install confidence in people of other nations that are currently living under  a suppressive political regime.

However my jubilation is slightly tinted by the fact that; for the mean time Egypt finds itself in very uncertain conditions: Politically, Economically and Socially.

The pace at which Mubarak was forced to step down meant that there is now a lack of political infrastructure and legislative instruments to ensure that the demands of the Egyptian people are duly met. To certify long run stability in the country, these institutions needed to be in place before overthrowing the president. But yet again Mubarak did have thirty years! Democracy was not coming to Egypt any time soon. [I’ll leave it at that for the mean time, more on it at a later date].

I, like many of you, was overwhelmed by the images portrayed in the media outlets concerning the revolution. However, other than the sheer passion and determination on the people’s faces something else caught my eye… Where were the women? There were only a handful of women demonstrating! Where were the rest?

The situation in Egypt was a political upheaval that affected both men and women. Nevertheless, most of the scenes portrayed in the media revealed a vasty disproportionate turnout favouring men. I would have thought that such a momentous occasion, would have warranted a much larger turnout from the female contingency. Nevertheless after a moment of deliberation, I came to the conclusion that the reasoning behind the low turnout may have something to do with Egypt being predominantly a Muslim nation.

This did get me thinking though, about the general level of participation women have in the world of politics. A field that is notoriously populated by men, women today play a relatively small role in the political system. Things have however come a long way since the time when women were denied their natural rights [Natural Law: Grotius & Locke], to now where women have the ability to be leaders of society. The likes of Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dilma Rousseff, Aung San Suu kyi to name but a few, are a small drop in an ocean full of strong willed women that are proving that equality can prevail even in the world of politics. However equality also comes with the fact that women should be judged on the same criteria as their male counter parts. This is definitely not the case when it comes to Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin has trotted her way through politics simply because, she has branded herself as the hockey mum that ‘gets’ the people. And as a result the American public have lapped up everything that she throws at them. The public for the past few years have sympathised with Palin, saying that they feel the media is giving her a ‘hard time’. The American people need to vet Palin like they would any other politician, male or female. When and if they do, only then will they understand why she should be kept as far away from politics as possible. Having said that, the majority of Americans did manage to see through her facade and thus didn’t vote for her. The tide is changing though. The midterm elections show that Palin’s plea is being heard on a larger scale than previously thought. However, as the video below shows, she lacks the intelligence that is required to successfully execute the offices of government that she is hoping to get. And I hope that the American people see this before the world is put through another Bush doctrine.

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