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Simple Ideas

This is a clip mainly aimed at those of you out there whom are  graduating, summer interning or starting out in a new job. It’s a very daunting time for you all, not diminished by the fact that  we now live in a world clusterfucked by information, fast paced and cut throat competition. We end up failing to realise that sometimes the answers we need resonate in the simpler things in life.


Live the language

‘Live the  Language’ is an an advertising campaign by Education First. Shot on location in seven different cities around the world, the campaign uses local lingo and story telling to both, educate and entertain. With help of typography and imagery, the viewer is guided through an introduction to ‘language’.




Prada Presents ‘A Therapy’ by Roman Polanski


PRADA’s new short film, “A Therapy,” directed by Roman Polanski stars two cinema favorites, Helena Bonham Carter and Sir Ben Kingsley as a PRADA loving therapist who cloaks himself in her wonderful coat. This short but sweet 3 minute video debuted last week at Cannes. (Sourced: Prada)

The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25

Saw this a while ago, revisited it today and had to share….

A video of Scott Schuman’s inaugural ‘Sartorialist’ lunch, where he assembles some of the most stylish men in the world for a roundtable discussion of fashion & style over a great meal. Check it out below. (Sourced: Definitive Touch)

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