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Trend Hunter | Top 20 Trends in 2011 Forecast

The 2011 Trend Report is now available at, and to celebrate, they released their annual video / 2011 trend forecast so that you can see all of the hottest consumer trends for 2011 in fashion, design, pop culture, eco, tech and advertising.

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A Prologue of The Future

The ‘Flip Phone’ is a concept that was inspired and developed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen, Ewa Sendecka, Jeppe Vestergård and Victoria Kusk. For quite sometime I have attempted to put into words how I feel about this phone… but I have failed on every single attempt. So I have decided to simply say this…

The developers of the phone were determined to break away from the norm, consequently, managing to portray a glimpse of what the future has in store. Technology has progressed at a rate that nobody could have predicted, many attributing this to the basic human instinct of; wanting to know what is beyond the ‘cave’. The ability to question the known and the willingness to experiment with the unknown, with continued perseverance one can only wonder of the possibilities. Such out of the box thinking is the reason why we at Denovo adore such ingenious creativity.

Imagination is more important than knowgledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. – Albert Einstein.

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Made in Milan

Last week was the Milan Men’s Fall-Winter 2011 Fashion Week. Much of the media’s eye was fixated on the runway, which witnessed a plethora of works from the top designers of the fashion world, including; Ermenegildo Zegna, Versace, D&G, Armani, Canali, Roberto Cavali, Bottega Veneta, Gucci to name but a few.

However, this collection of shots showcases what occurred off the runway, portraying Italian pedestrians taking style into the streets. Compliments to Tommy Ton of GQ, we see how the streets of Milan radiated Swag.

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Blackberry Empathy – Dare to Dream

Sorry to disappoint you folks but this is not the next Research In Motion development. This innovation is the result of a RIM-sponsored design competition at the art Centre College of Design. With the goal of  designing a concept device which integrates human emotions with social networking, designers Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoong created the Blackberry Empathy.

The Empathy is an angular phone that looks absolutely stunning! The phone is used in conjunction with a biometrics ring that is worn by the user to collect “emotional data”. According to cnet, this device just a tad bonkers, as “its front is home to an OLED touch screen that’s transparent when not in use, and opaque at other times. It wouldn’t be a proper BlackBerry without a physical keyboard, but the Empathy’s is located on its back.”

Nevertheless, the Blackberry Empathy serves as reminder of the ever-present power of creativity. Too often our minds are constrained by fear of getting it wrong or making a mistake thus discouraging innovation and creativity. Don’t be afraid to dare to dream…

Via Yanko Design.

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Digital Death!

Keep a Child Alive’s (KCA) co-founders Alicia Keys and Leigh Blake rased $1,000,000 in less than a week with the Digital Death campaign. This endeavour saw the world’s most followed celebrity Tweeters sacrificing their digital lives to help save millions of real lives affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. To date 33.3 million people are infected and 30.0M people have died from HIV/AIDS.

The public is still able to donate and sacrifice their own digital lives at, where they can upload a photo and ask friends and colleagues to buy back their lives to support Keep a Child Alive.

A great concept for a great cause, a truly inspirational campaign.

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