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The Pursuit Of Cool

In the first part of the series, Michele Savoia “The Tailor” talks about his father’s dressing rituals and why that particular moment was the epitome of cool.

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African Fashion Week London

Over the course of two days [Friday and Saturday] London opened her doors to the first ever African Fashion event to be held on British shores. Over 50 different designers showcased their work, with great emphasis taken to try and spread the word of African culture and versatility. Below are some of the pictures taken at the event.

Africa is not all about poverty” – Sola Oyebade (Creative Director of Africa Fashion Week London)

* Pictures courtesy of BBC 

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The Unruly Gallery

The Unruly Gallery is a revolutionary concept that’s taking form in the world of Art and Culture. Founded by artist Niels Shoe Meulman, it is a new online gallery that looks at art from a new perspective. It’s attention is focused on the individual artists instead of general artistic movements or schools of thought. In doing so, Meulman has created a unique selection of pieces some of which are traditional wall hangings but also silk scarves, graphic T-shirts and exquisite abstract pieces.

Philosophy: “We like to look at life from different angles and turn things around. There is no truth. There is no untruth. Only everything in between. We’re untying the old perspective…”

So if you are an art enthusiast or just a casual admirer, you can give them a visit next time you are in London or just pop over to their site’s web gallery  www.unrulygallery.com/products and maybe order something.

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Breakdancing to Classical Music

Breakdancing to Classical Music is a clip directed by Devin Graham with an original classical music soundtrack by composer Stephen Anderson. Saw this clip and loved it! It’s a great way to look at break dancing from a new perspective.

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