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Balloons | MTV Brazil 21st Anniversary

Amazing flipbook-style balloon popping ad for MTV Brazil’s 21st anniversary!

Well this is novel. Fresh. New. Different. And yet, a riff on an old favourite: the flip book. Dilcidio Caldeira from ParanoidBR created this MTV Brazil’s 21st anniversary. It’s really quite ingenious.

The one minute commercial tells a story using images drawn on hundreds of balloons which are then popped by a device with a camera mounted on a dolly which travels at a speed fast enough to pop and film 10 balloons each second. According to the director, it took 24 hours to get the multiple shots needed to piece together the story (from Steve Hall Adrant).

If you look closely, you can see the dolly took several different trips down the track to get the entire story told. Its cool, innovative and way out of the box… We like! So this ad gets the official:

[*D3novo Seal of Approval]

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Happy Valentines Day – Happy People!

To all the happy people on this lovely day! Happy Valentines from the family at D3novo. Enjoy this February 14th classic from the legend Mr. Percy Sledge – ” When a Man loves a woman”


Ben L’Oncle Soul – Soulman

Absolutely love this track. This music video incorporates vibrant and cutting edge art direction with a soulful flare. It encompasses creativity, style and class like nothing else playing on the airwaves these days. The editing and visual appeal is phenomenal, not to mention the Soulman and his crew have the old school black ivy look packed in this video.

J’ai pas le regard de Spike Lee   –   I don’t have the look of Spike Lee
J’ai pas le génie de De Vinci   –   I don’t have the genius of Da Vince
J’ai pas les pieds sur terre   –   I don’t have my feet on the ground
La patience de ma banquière   –   The patience of my banker
J’ai pas ces choses-là   –   I don’t have those things

J’ai pas la sagesse de Gandhi   –   I don’t have the wisdom of Gandhi
L’assurance de Mohammed Ali   –   The confidence of Mohammed Ali
J’ai pas l’âme d’un gangster   –   I don’t have the soul of a gangster
La bonté de l’Abbé Pierre   –   The goodness of the Abbé Pierre
Ni l’aura de Guevara   –   Nor the aura of Guevara

Je ne suis qu’un soul man   –   I’m just a soul man
Écoute ça baby   –   Listen to this baby
Je suis pas un superman   –   I’m no Superman
Loin de là   –   Far from it
Juste moi, mes délires   –   Just me, my wild dreams
Je n’ai rien d’autre à offrir   –   I have nothing else to offer
Mais je sais qu’en vrai c’est déjà ça   –   But in truth I know at least that’s something

J’ai pas le physique des magazines   –   I don’t have the physique of the magazines
J’ai pas l’humour de Charlie Chaplin   –   I don’t have the humour of Charlie Chaplin
J’ai pas la science infuse   –   I don’t have any innate knowledge
Le savoir-faire de Bocuse     –   The expertise of Bocuse
Non je n’ai pas ces choses-là No   –   I don’t have those things

J’ai pas la chance de Neil Armstrong   –   I don’t have the luck of Neil Armstrong
J’ai pas la carrure de King Kong   –   I don’t have the stature of King Kong
Plusieurs cordes à mon arc   –   Several strings to my bow
La ferveur de Rosa Parks   –   The fervour of Rosa Parks
Ni le courage de Mandela   –   Nor the courage of Mandela

Moi j’aurais aimé être comme eux   –   I would have liked to be like them
Être hors du commun   –   To be out of the ordinary
J’ai bien essayé   –   I really tried
J’ai fait de mon mieux   –   I did my best
Mais quoi que je fasse   –   But whatever I do
à la fin… In the end..

Je ne suis qu’un soul man, etc… I’m just a soul man, etc

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