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How does an Advertising Agency really work?

Love this clip! It’s got a funny but oddly realistic way of depicting the inner workings on an ad agency. Although greatly exaggerated in places it’s entertaining and informative.


The John St. Catvertising Phenomenon

To stay on top of the ever-changing advertising landscape, john st. has opened the world’s first cat video division. With production, filming and seeding all in-house. Ask yourself, what can cat videos do for your business?


Egypt | Where it all begins

Advertising is a tough business! I’ll say it again..Advertising is a tough business.

Despite this, every once in a while an agency creative director or copywriter will come up with something brilliant.

But how do they get there?

Ad agency JWT made a cool video which uses humour to illustrate the story of creating Egypt‘s logo.


Mercedes Benz| History of AMG

A short movie for a look back at the history of AMG, from its founding in 1967 through the present-day innovations with Mercedes-Benz.

You might be interested to know that Mercedes is world’s 3rd most valuable car brand:

World’s most valuable car brands in $ billion

1. Toyota $24.2 — 27 –11%
2. BMW $22.4 — 30 — 3%
3. Mercedes $15.3 — 50 — 12%

If you are a Mercedes Benz AMG’s here is a little about how these two companies came together


Society moving @ 100 miles an hour

I’m not sure about all of you, but it seems to me like society is moving at 100 miles an hour. We connect, trade and communicate all in the click of a button. Globalization and technological innovation are two driving forces which keep the globe spinning at full speed. Nowadays, an individual can no longer simply keep up with their surroundings to survive in the world of business. Instead, society demands that we are ahead of the game, adopting the trends of today while innovating the ideas of tomorrow…

For me, the video above by Mindrelic (amazing NYC time-lapse btw.) is a symbolic representation of the world in which we find ourselves. In a recovering global economy, I’m comforted by the words of Albert Einstein who reassures us that “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” So be not discouraged my friends, wether graduation is on the horizon or the continued pursuit of that ever elusive “perfect career,” success is in your hands. It hinges on the ability to adapt to your surroundings, coupled with hard work, and the courage to seize the opportunities before us.

So where do we go from here? Well, I’ll  leave you with the words of Q senior:

“Our business in life is to change the world. Make it a better place, because our thinking reshape’s markets and our action creates new products that develop and expand markets. It demands extraordinary discipline and determination to achieve this, but it is easy for those who know their life’s purpose”

The formula is simple: “What am I good at + What I love = What I should be doing”

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