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An abstract view of life

“Nokta . (Dot .) is an abstract short film project which has creative, distinctive style of production and is an improvisation of organic pieces while considering themes like power, control and luck.”

As with most pieces of abstract art, different people will have the own unique perception of what Nokta . is all about. Let us know what you think.

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This is a breathtaking ad made for Amnesty International for their 50th Anniversary. It was directed by Carlos Lascano, produced by Eallin Motion Art and Dreamlife Studio, with Music by Academy Award Winner Hans Zimmer and Nominee Lorne Balfe.

Check out the making of this spot below and the link for a more detailed look:

The concept

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Splitscreen | A Love Story

So Nokia came up with an interesting competition. The challenge was to create a video pitch of an idea for a short film/video that is no longer than two minutes. Participants were instructed to be “as creative as you like!”

The video entitled “Splitscreen – A Love Story” was crowned in the competition Nokia Shorts 2011. It tells the story of two star crossed lovers coming together. Congratulations are in order to director J.W.Griffiths.

Watching this just goes to show that technology is only a tool, this video was shot with a Nokia N8 smartphone! In the creation of art, technology is only one part of the equation, a vision and creative direction are equally if not more important.

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Audi A1 Commercial

For as along as I can remember,  car advertisements consisted of the following four elements:

1. A car

2. The stereotypical long straight mountain road

3. Flattering Camera shots

4.  Morgan Freeman type voice saying phrases like “dynamic design meets pure driving pleasure” or “has a 6.3L V8 Engine…”

I simply love this ad for its visual appeal…but beyond that, it’s a little different…and at D3novo different is good! The agency BBH London is behind the new commercial for the Audi A1 and it’s tres and creative in my opinion. Sam Brown the director of this video has accentuated over sized details of the car and placed them against humans. By focusing on the individual components of the car, viewers subconsciously begin to envision the Audi A1 as a large and powerful machine. This further reinforces the campaign concept that though it may be a small car, it’s a Big Audi. There is so much one could say about this ad but I’ll leave it at this…


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HTC Sensation

(From Roman Ruetten)

Concept: HTC Sensation is more than just a normal phone. And instead of showing the phone first and then what you can do with it, they decided to go the opposite way with reverse story telling. They first show only one of the key features (like the audio experience) then build from there, and we see an explosion of beauty and a wonderful soundsculpture. The liquid is symbolic of the different multimedia faces of this phone. According to  HTC “Its flexible enough to take every shape that you need according to your demands.”


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