About Us

De Novo means “new beginnings” in latin. Founded by Clarence and Ebrahim, two friends who met in an East African boarding school over a decade ago. Now graduating from University, these two aspiring innovators find themselves in a position of De Novo.

With their futures in hand and the world as their oyster, they started D3novo. A blog for all those who are ready to go beyond thinking outside the box and aspire to be a part of the illustrious upper echelon in the world of Fashion, Technology, Business, Politics and Lifestyle.

Today’s society is constantly bombarded with news and media from every outlet you can think of! D3novo strives to challenge readers to look at the world from a different perspective and expose them to the host of possibilities that come with new perspectives.

Welcome to D3novo where you’ll learn that anything is possible if you only can open your mind to the possibility…


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Chief says:

    Hi guys,
    I think what u r bringing to the table ROCKS! Still prefer the Nutella to the bread n noodles that some brought to the table.

    • Maverick says:

      Great to hear from you! Glad your enjoying the blog, just started it, so bare with us while we find our bearings. As for the near future, we will undoubtedly be bringing the bread and noodles creme de la creme that will entice people like yourself to continue viewing our material. We appreciate the support!

  2. Parkes says:

    Looking good fellas. Love the background image. This is a really good idea to be heard. I’ll check in once in awhile to hit up the technology section.


  3. Afande says:

    Well done Lads, Blogging is harder than it looks


  4. Love your concept, guys. I’ll be back!

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