Audi A1 Commercial

For as along as I can remember,  car advertisements consisted of the following four elements:

1. A car

2. The stereotypical long straight mountain road

3. Flattering Camera shots

4.  Morgan Freeman type voice saying phrases like “dynamic design meets pure driving pleasure” or “has a 6.3L V8 Engine…”

I simply love this ad for its visual appeal…but beyond that, it’s a little different…and at D3novo different is good! The agency BBH London is behind the new commercial for the Audi A1 and it’s tres and creative in my opinion. Sam Brown the director of this video has accentuated over sized details of the car and placed them against humans. By focusing on the individual components of the car, viewers subconsciously begin to envision the Audi A1 as a large and powerful machine. This further reinforces the campaign concept that though it may be a small car, it’s a Big Audi. There is so much one could say about this ad but I’ll leave it at this…


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