Is there a formula for Creativity?

I’ve always wondered if there was a formula to creativity…some secret combination hidden deep in the headquarters of Apple, 3M, Google, D3novo and other such companies. I have come to believe that no such formula exists. That being said, this list is a step in the right direction for those looking to re-spark their creativity… have a look and see if you agree!

(What would you add…?!?)

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2 thoughts on “Is there a formula for Creativity?

  1. Treasa says:

    Great list. I would add:

    30. colour an image in a colouring book
    31. use different coloured markers when writing lists or notes
    32. pretend you’re a consultant looking at your situation: what would you advise?
    33. choose a menu item out of your comfort zone next time you’re out
    34. talk to someone you admire to get their perspective
    35. check out a free event or attraction in your community
    36. take a different route to work/grocery store/friend’s place
    37. sit in a prime people-watching spot in a coffee shop and observe
    38. make a meal from whatever is currently in your fridge and pantry — no recipe!
    39. take a walk in your neighbourhood and notice everything

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