The future of Touch Technology – Microsoft Surface 2.0

I thought the Apple iPad had cool touch technology…but Microsoft is looking to take the idea of touch technology to a whole new level!

At CES, Microsoft and Samsung unveiled the next generation of the Microsoft Surface experience. According to the Microsoft blogger Eric Havir, the new Microsoft Surface “makes use of PixelSense technology, which gives LCD panels the power to see without the use of cameras. This brings to life the unique Surface experience making it possible for people to share, collaborate and explore together on this large, thin display that recognizes fingers, hands and other objects placed on the screen.”

Have a look at the promo video:

So how can businesses capitalize on this new innovation? According to Microsoft, the possibilities are endless, here are just a few ways:

  • Make content more engaging. The ability to give customers immersive and collaborative ways to engage with photos, videos, documents, maps, custom applications, and more.
  • Plan and simulate. Bring to life real-time “if/then” modeling and visualization, simulations and calculations—perfect for financial services, healthcare, and other consultative environments.
  • Make learning more fun. Breathe new life into the education process with rich visualizations that encourage teamwork and enhance learning.
  • Transform the shopping experience. Make shopping more immersive by connecting customers with more options, recommendations, product and service comparisons, and personalized service.
  • Connect with customers through games and pastimes. Have some fun by putting Surface in restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, and other venues, associating memorable experiences with your brand.
  • Communicate and connect. Give people an efficient and intriguing new way to get the information they’re looking for—like maps and tourist destinations in a hotel lobby. Or use it to help them exchange personal information so they can connect with each other and to your business.

With the ability to interact with a surface so large and responsive, business owners now have the opportunity to connect with consumers on a more intimate level. I think that once this technology is available commercially at a reasonable price, such interactivity will become the norm in society.

Wether you agree with them or not, there is no doubt that this is a game changer.  Just have a look at it in action…

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