Charlex – Redefining Modern Advertising

As a student of the art of this marketing  video certainly caught my eye. Most advertising or promotional videos get lost in the clutter as there is so much content consumers are flooded with.

In today’s society, attention is a rare commodity and it takes more than just having a mere presence on television to get one’s message across. Businesses need to connect with consumers. Marketing & advertising are not all about reaching the end consumer, but also connecting with them, eliciting an emotional response which is able to stimulate trial of  new products and the repurchasing of old ones.

This video managed to make me stop and not only watch but listen for a change.

Charlex is a creative design studio, who take a different approach to design and marketing. They have  thrown fancy mission statements out the window and is simply embracing versatility. “We can take any idea — or even just a seed of an idea — and bring it to life with visual panache. Conceptualizing a campaign from start to finish? We can do that. Visual effects and animation assists? We can do that, too”, says Charlex from NYC. At, the company has the following to say:

“Our motto is design and build. It’s that simple”


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